How do I change port on which UI runs?ΒΆ

UI of Web Safety is a Python Django web application that is usually deployed on HTTP port 80 using Apache HTTP server. Sometimes your Squid proxy already has some other web apps deployed on this port. In this case it is advisable to run UI on another port.

Assuming you are running virtual appliance based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS the following needs to be performed to change HTTP port from 80 to for example 8000:

  1. Open /etc/apache2/ports.conf using your favorite text editor, find Listen 80 and change it to Listen 8000.

  2. Open /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/websafety.conf, find VirtualHost *:80 and change it to VirtualHost *:8000.

  3. Restart Apache service by service apache2 stop && service apache2 start.

The UI of Web Safety should now be accessible on port 8000.