Premature license expiration in Web Safety 5

We have a valid license key but starting from July 25, 2020 the Admin UI shows the license key as expired and Web Safety ICAP daemon stops. Why is that?

What happened?

The intermediate certificate we use as licensing method has just expired. This results into the license key being valid but the application is unable to check that and thus moves to unlicensed state.

What to do?

Contact and request to re-issue the license key. You will be provided with two PEM files. Put those websafety.pem and license.pem files into /opt/websafety/etc or if it does not exist into /opt/qlproxy/etc folder overwriting the same files that are present there. Note this can only be done using ssh (winscp for example) and cannot be done from the Admin UI.

After that check the license is now looking valid in Admin UI and click Save and Restart.

How to ensure this does not happen again?

The built-in licensing root PEM file in Web Safety version less than 6 will finally expire on 25 July 2025. We will not be able to fix such error after that date. You MUST upgrade to the latest Web Safety before that date so please schedule the upgrade time window within next 2 years. Also do plan on regular upgrades of the application at least once in two years.