How do I add users to Web Safety UI?ΒΆ

It is possible to add more managing users to UI of Web Safety (by default there is only one user named root). In order to add new user to UI, switch to admin internals by clicking on root / admin internals as shown on the following screenshot.


Admin section of the UI will be opened.


Click on Users / Add, provide new user name and password as indicated on the following screenshot.


Now you need to set the super-user status for the newly added user as indicated on the following screenshot. Please note, Web UI does NOT support having non super-users. All users that you add to the Web UI are super users and can change any setting.


Finally, logout as root and login as new user. Now this new user can manage all settings for Web Safety.

../../_images/add_user3.png ../../_images/add_user4.png