Other Projects

In addition to Web Safety ICAP web filter for Squid proxy we also have some other projects going on. Hopefully these will also be useful to you.

Dns Safety

Dns Safety filter is a DNS forwarding server (like dnsmasq, unbound, pi-hole) with extensive filtering capabilities. It allows administrator to filter access to domain names by categories, easily block access to user specified domains and provides different access policies for different groups of machines in your network.

Dns Safety is supposed to be deployed as primary DNS server in your local network and can forward DNS requests to your ISP’s DNS server, Google Public DNS, OpenDNS and other third party DNS providers. Internal DNS requests can be forwarded to internal DNS servers (for example Active Directory domain controllers).

The filter can be easily managed from full featured Web UI deployed on Debian 10, Ubuntu 18 and Raspberry PI (Raspbian 10). Other operating systems might be supported too in the near future.

The main site of the project is https://dnssafety.diladele.com.

Dns Safety for iOS

Dns Safety for Apple iOS is on-device DNS filter implemented as Network Extension. It can filter and block DNS requests from any application on your iPhone/iPad. This network extension can be used to block domains by name or site category. It also allows you to see what DNS requests were issued by installed applications.

The project is in its early stage but can be tested using Test Flight already. If you would like to participate please send a request to support@diladele.com. The project is hosted on GitHub repo https://github.com/diladele/dnssafety-ios.

Squid for Windows

Squid for Windows is a Microsoft Windows port of Squid 3. The site of the project is https://squid.diladele.com. We are currently working on bringing Squid 4 to windows platform. The work is far from being over so please join our efforts at https://github.com/diladele/squid-windows.