Configuration Files for SquidΒΆ

Configuration that is managed by Admin UI is stored in the SQLite database at /opt/websafety-ui/var/db/config.sqlite. Every change in the configuration must be applied by clicking on the Apply Settings button followed by Save and Reload or Save and Restart button at the top right corner of the Admin UI as shown on the following screenshots.

../../_images/apply_button.png ../../_images/restart_reload.png

The following sequence of events will occur when you click on Save and Reload or Save and Restart.

  1. UI will generate configuration files for Squid proxy and Web Safety ICAP web filter in /opt/websafety/etc folder. Generation is done by taking data from the database and filling it into appropriate configuration templates stored at /opt/websafety-ui/var/console/squid/templates/squid/conf folder. The files in this folder are simple plain text files representing default Squid configuration.

  2. Old config files from /opt/websafety/etc are removed and replaced with newly generated ones. Please note, it actually means that any manual changes you might have done in these old config files will be lost. If you need your manual changes to persist, instead change templates in /opt/websafety-ui/var/console/squid/templates/squid/conf.

  3. Squid proxy daemon, Web Safety ICAP web filter daemon and Traffic Monitor daemon are restarted or reloaded. After restart or reload completes your new configuration is applied.

  4. If you have setup configuration sync, new configuration from the master server is automatically propagated to slave servers and all daemons are restarted.