Key FeaturesΒΆ

Web Safety web filtering proxy has the following key features.

Block Pornography and Explicit (Adult) Contents

Web Safety blocks myriad of known adult only sites and domains. The product also performs deep content inspection of all web pages and blocks any page containing adult or explicit language and links to questionable content. Even web sites that are usually considered as not harmful (like Google Search, Yahoo, Bing or YouTube) are filtered and all inappropriate content is blocked. Advanced heuristics module is able to also scan external web links if required.

Filter HTTPS/SSL Encrypted Traffic

Web Safety may be used to easily filter HTTPS/SSL encrypted traffic. It is possible to exclude connections to trusted sites (government, financials, banks) from SSL inspection automatically. It is also possible to perform SSL inspection only for specific policies/groups of proxy users (requires explicit proxy deployment mode).

Scan Downloaded Files for Viruses

Web Safety is able to scan the downloaded files for viruses using ClamAV antivirus engine and eCAP ClamAV adapter from Measurement Factory (see or any other third party ICAP server manually installed on the same host (for example, ESET Gateway Security).

Protect from Malware, Phishing and Unwanted Software

Web Safety may scan all requests going through Squid proxy for malware, phishing and other dangerous sites using Google Safe Browsing Update API v4. Using this module you can block access to known dangerous sites for all devices in your network at once.

Enforce Safe Search of Google, Bing and Yahoo

Web Safety is capable of always enforcing Safe Search mode on most search engines including Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. Filtering of HTTPS traffic allows to block user attempts to reset safety mode to off.

Supports Strict and Moderate YouTube Filtering

Web Safety is capable of adjusting HTTP(s) traffic for YouTube servers to enforce Strict and Moderate YouTube Filtering mode. Similar settings can be used to limit usage of Google Apps for Business only for specific domains.

Control Web Usage by Site Categories

Web Safety blocks access to web sites with inappropriate contents by more than 50 categories (dating, nudity, gambling, explicit adult content, gaming and others). Definition files with categories are regularly updated. Group based web filtering allows for blocking of different categories for different groups, for example - block all adult content for students and block only excessive ads for teachers and IT. Additional dynamic text filtering module uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically categorize pages on yet unknown sites.

Supports IWF and CTIRU Block Lists

Diladele B.V. is an active member of Internet Watch Foundation and thus block list from IWF is included into our product. Web Safety ICAP web filter is capable of blocking access to inappropriate URLs and online content as specified in IWF block list. In addition, the CTIRU list of prohibited URLs is also part of the product.

Skip Adult Inspection on Trusted Sites

Web Safety is capable of excluding categorized and well known domains from deep content inspection. If a domain is known to be part of a specific category then contents from this domain is not scanned for adult phrases. This greatly improves quality of web filtering on most educational and informational sites which are known to be free from adult-only content (like for example wikipedia). Domains general in nature (like google search, youtube, bing, various blog platforms and social media) cannot be designated as trusted. It is possible to bypass this functionality for locked or strict policies where no adult material should be allowed.

Perform Group Based Web Filtering

Web Safety lets you organize your proxy users into groups and assign different levels of strictness of web filtering to them ensuring maximum protection without losing flexibility. Users can be put into groups based on their IP address range, subnets or user name. Each group gets its own filtering exceptions and blocking rules. Default deployment contains predefined strict, relaxed and other groups most suitable for homes, small offices or small and medium educational networks. Any domain, web site, URL, IP address, address range or subnet may be excluded from web filtering settings of any group.

Block File Downloads

Web Safety controls files downloaded using all modern browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. It may block retrieval of inappropriate and potentially dangerous files from the Internet, including illegal and pirated MP3 music, videos, potentially harmful scripts, executables, archives and torrents. It prohibits file retrieval by contents (audio/video/applications), real file types, file names, character sets, transfer encodings and URL regular expressions. File blocking saves internet bandwidth preventing access to extremely large files like ISO, disk images and pictures.

Monitor Traffic and Build Reports

Web Safety is capable of monitoring web traffic and building extensive reports based on Squid logs. The functionality is comparable to SARG/LightSquid/SquidAnalyzer report builders. ICAP web filter logs allow for reporting on the blocked users, visited sites and prohibited domain categories. Reports can be viewed as files and sent by e-mail.

Remove Web Annoyances

The product removes annoying web advertisements and most flash banners on any web site and in any browser automatically without the need to install additional browser plugins. It also blocks well known tracking networks and privacy exposing scripts. Those who use AdBlock (Plus) addin for Firefox or Chrome may now have a comparable level of filtering on all networked devices (including all Apple devices like iPads and iPhones).