Bypassing a Blocked PageΒΆ

Web Safety can also allow bypassing a blocked page in a filtering policy. To enable bypass, navigate to Web Filter / Policies / Policy and click the Blocked Page tab. Set the Allow to bypass checkbox and click Save and Reload as shown on the following screenshot.


If bypassing is enabled, the blocked page will have the Proceed Anyway button as indicated on the following screenshot. When this button is clicked the blocked domain name is added to temporary white list for 60 minutes and access to that domain name is allowed. The bypass timeout of 60 minutes may be adjusted by the administrator.


It is also possible to further adjust the bypassing by domain name, referrer, child domain names and types of modules. If administrator needs to setup secure bypass, i.e. the user needs to enter some secure token to actually bypass the blocked page - this can be configured in Web Filter / Settings / Bypass Tokens.