Blocking Inappropriate Downloads (MP3, Video, ISO Images)

Web Safety is capable of blocking file downloads by content type, file name and real file type. Strict policy contain predefined list of executable file and content types that may harm your computer.


Blocking by the following real file types is supported.

Audio Files

File Type Meaning
audio.aiff AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
audio.midi MIDI Music
audio.mp3_1 MP3 Audio (ver 1)
audio.mp3_2 MP3 Audio (ver 2)
audio.mp3_3 MP3 Audio (ver 3)
audio.mp3_4 MP3 Audio (ver 4)
audio.ogg OGG Audio
audio.ra RealAudio Sound
audio.wma Windows Media Audio
audio.wav RIFF/WAVE Standard Audio

Video Files

File Type Meaning
video.avi AVI Audio Video Interleaved
video.flash Flash Video
video.m4v MPEG-4 Video QuickTime Movie
video.mpg MPEG Video
video.vcd VideoCD MPEG
video.wmv Windows Media Video

Graphics Files

File Type Meaning Adobe Illustrator graphics
bmp.adobe.ps1f Adobe PostScript Type 1 Font
bmp.adobe.psd Adobe Photoshop image
bmp.autoc AutoCAD Drawing
bmp.cdr CorelDraw Document
bmp.eps Encapsulated PostScript
bmp.gif87a GIF87a Bitmap
bmp.gif89a GIF89a Bitmap
bmp.jpg JPEG Bitmap
bmp.mac.type1f Mac Adobe Type 1 Font Windows Animated Cursor Windows Bitmap Windows Enhanced Metafile TrueType Font Windows Metafile
bmp.png Portable Network Graphics Tagged Image File Format Bitmap (big endian)
bmp.tiff.big BigTIFF bitmap
bmp.tiff.le Tagged Image File Format Bitmap (little endian)
bmp.xarad Xara drawing

Database Files

File Type Meaning
db.lotusn Lotus Notes Database Microsoft Access 2007 Database Pocket Access database Microsoft Jet DB SQL Server CE Edition database
db.sqllite2 SQLite 2.x database
db.sqllite3 SQLite 3.x database

Office Files

File Type Meaning
doc.compound Generic OLE2 / Multistream Compound File
doc.djvu DjVu file
doc.excel Microsoft Excel sheet
doc.excelxml Excel Microsoft Office Open XML Format document
doc.mactext Macintosh plain text (MacBinary) Windows Compiled Help Format 1.0 Windows HELP File Microsoft Compiled Help Format 2.0
doc.openxml Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format document
doc.pdf Adobe Portable Document Format
doc.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint document
doc.pptxml PowerPoint Microsoft Office Open XML Format document
doc.rtf Rich Text Format
doc.utf16textbe Text - UTF-16 (BE) encoded
doc.utf16textle Text - UTF-16 (LE) encoded
doc.utf32textbe Text - UTF-32 (BE) encoded
doc.utf32textle Text - UTF-32 (LE) encoded
doc.utf7 Text - UTF-7 encoded
doc.utf8 Text - UTF-8 encoded
doc.utfebdic Text - UTF-EBCDIC encoded
doc.visio Microsoft Visio drawing
doc.word Microsoft Word document
doc.write Windows Write Document

Executable Files

File Type Meaning
exe.coff Common Object File Format (COFF) Library
exe.elf ELF Executable and Linkable format (ELF)
exe.ins Install Shield Script Java Bytecode
exe.lnk Windows Shortcut Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Windows ActiveX Library (OCX) Windows Device Driver (SYS) Windows Executable
exe.msi Microsoft Windows Installer
exe.tlb Windows Type Library
exe.unins Install Shield Uninstall Script

Archive Files

File Type Meaning
pack.7z 7-Zip Archive
pack.arc FreeArc Archive
pack.arj ARJ Archive Microsoft Cabinet Archive
pack.cabins InstallShield Archive
pack.gz GZipped Archive
pack.hyp Hyper Archive
pack.jar JAR Archive
pack.lzarc LHARC/LZARK Archive
pack.paq8 PAQ8JD Archive
pack.rar RAR Archive
pack.tar TAR Tape Archive
pack.z UNIX Compressed File
pack.zins Install Shield Archive ZIP Archive
pack.zoo ZOO Archive

Internet Files

File Type Meaning
net.batmsg The Bat! Message Base
net.eml1 E-Mail Message (Var. 1)
net.eml2 E-Mail Message (Var. 2)
net.html HyperText Markup Language
net.mht Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Archive
net.msg Outlook Message
net.swf Macromedia Flash Player Movie
net.swfc Macromedia Flash Player Compressed Movie
net.tnef Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
net.xml Generic XML (ASCII)
net.xsd XML Schema

Source Files

File Type Meaning
src.jscript JavaScript Bean file Windows Script File
src.perl Perl script