We need to only allow YouTube and block other Video Sharing sites, is it possible?ΒΆ

Q: If we block the Video Sharing category all video sites including YouTube are blocked. If we then add YouTube to global exclusions it starts to work but we are not able to limit the video categories and videos as explained in article /administrator_guide_stable/web_filter/policies/youtube_filtering/categories. What shall we do?

A: Unfortunately this mode of operation is a little more tricky to configure. As you have configured the exclusions for YouTube sites - the web filter that forces the categorization of channels and videos is bypassed - so all channels and videos become available. Currently we recommend to re-categorize the following domains to some allowed category, for example like Business Services.


The recategorization can be done in Web Filter / Settings / Recategorized Sites. In the next versions of the product we will possibly add the ability to configure custom categories.


Please do not use the Network Infrastructure or Finances categories because these are automatically excluded from web filtering and HTTPS decryption.