The IWF module seems to randomly block sites!ΒΆ

Feb.21, 2020: There was an issue in the automatic IWF module update process that might trigger random block on some sites. The issue is now resolved. It is recommended to manually update to the latest definition files by running the following command in the console of the Web Safety appliance. Note this simply manually runs the hourly update job. If you wait an hour the same command will be run by cron without any efforts from the admin.

# /etc/cron.hourly/websafety_update

We have added more and stricter checks to the definition file generation robot. In Web Safety 7.3 administrator will also have the ability to temporary disable IWF blacklist in the adult filtering module in UI / Web Filter / Policy / Adult Language Detection.

Note, it is possible to completely disable the automatic updates of definition files by running the following command:

chmod -x /etc/cron.hourly/websafety_update

Thus by just making the cron job non executable. When needed you can manually update those later.