Limitations of the upgradeΒΆ

The following upgrade limitations are present.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade the generated traffic reports. But when upgrading from Web Safety 9.0+, you can manually download Squid logs from the old appliance and upload them into /var/log/squid folder on the new appliance. The reports will then be completely rebuilt next day. Note, that logs from earlier version of Web Safety are NOT compatible and cannot be re-imported by the traffic monitoring module.

  • If you have customized Captive Portal pages then these are lost during upgrade. You would need to customize Captive Portal pages again.

  • Squid authentication settings are only partially upgraded. Please manually reconfigure Active Directory integration and enable Kerberos/NTLM/Basic LDAP authenticators if those were configured before.

  • Credentials for the admin user in UI are reverted to default. All users added to UI are lost.

  • You may need to manually re-import existing license key, RootCA certificate and keytab file into UI again.