Default Login and Password for the Admin UIΒΆ

By default, Web Safety enforces security settings on its Admin UI. Default login name is root and password is Passw0rd (please note 0 here is zero digit and not a letter).

It is recommended to change these default values to something more appropriate in your network. To change the password, login to the Admin UI, click on the root icon in the top right corner and select Change Password from the drop down menu. Type new password twice and click Save and Logout.

../../_images/change_password3.png ../../_images/type_password3.png


If you are using preconfigured Virtual Appliance please also change passwords for system root user. Note the system root user is NOT THE SAME as root user in the Web UI, and yes this is misleading and needs to be changed. See an open issue at Please also check the following article in the Virtual Appliance section - User Credentials