User CredentialsΒΆ

Virtual Appliance is configured with the root account with the following name/password credentials: root and Passw0rd (note 0 here is zero not letter O). This account has the rights to do remote SSH login into VA box. It is strongly recommended to disable the SSH login for this account and to change the default password to something more secure.

Please also note that root from the Admin UI IS DIFFERENT from the built in root (please see Admin UI for instructions how to change the password for the Admin UI root).


The virtual appliance also contains an ordinary user account with rights to run the sudo commands used during build process with the following name/password credentials: builder and Passw0rd. This account was disabled by running passwd builder -l. If required you must manually remove this user from the system. Home folder of this user contains build artefacts and scripts we used to prepare the Virtual Appliance from vanilla Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.