Install a new version of Web SafetyΒΆ

If you are currently using virtual appliance (VA) the best way to upgrade is to first export configuration from old VA as described on the previous step, get a new VA from our site, import the settings into the new VA as described on the next step and only when you are sure the new VA works as expected, decomission the old VA. This will let you go back to a proved working solution in case something gets wrong!

If you are not using the virtual appliance and your proxy is running on real hardware you now need to manually uninstall old version of Web Safety as indicated in the following article Removal of Web Safety (for Ubuntu 20/Debian 11/Raspian 11) and Removal of Web Safety (RedHat 8).

Then install the latest version of Web Safety according to instructions for specific operating systems How to Install. Please note there might be some changes in the required version of Django web framework or some other Python modules. Please carefully study every step of the installation script. Some manual work may be required!