Pseudo Proxy AuthenticationΒΆ

Pseudo proxy authentication allows the administrator to transparently map a given IP address to the User Name or MAC address without requiring browser to login. This type of pseudo authentication is typically used in transparent deployments or in small networks where administrator manages IP or MAC addresses manually.

The following two types of pseudo proxy authentication is available in Admin UI.

User Labelling

It is also possible to manually assign user names to IP addresses or MAC addresses of the devices connecting to proxy. This scenario is only usable in small (home) networks where IPs and MAC addresses are known to the the administrator and proxy users do not roam among devices.

Active Directory Inspector

EXPERIMENTAL: Active Directory Inspector authenticator allows administrator to automatically map IP addresses of browsers connecting through the proxy to user names. If enabled, UI periodically connects to any Active Directory Inspector server that administrator installs on a domain controller within the network and maps IP address provided by Squid to user name. This type of pseudo authentication requires running a separate AD inspection server as indicated on .

Note that this type of authentication might be discontinued in the next versions of Web Safety because of superior Captive Portal functionality introduced in version 8.1.