Early Adopters Community

Are You Admin, DevOps, Software Developer or Student of Computer Science? Registered on GitHub? Join our Early Adopters Community!

  • All members of the early adopters community get access to new alpha and beta versions of the product when these become available. This lets you influence the development and get quick response to desired functionality and new features.
  • Every member of early adopters community gets a free home license (3 devices) for development and testing purposes. Use your GitHub account to report issues and bugs of the product at our issue tracker.

How to Join?

  1. Star Our GitHub Repository. Our issue tracker is hosted at GitHub. Thus you would need to have a GitHub account to be able to report issues and bugs. Star our GitHub repository to indicate your support of the project. Then tell support@diladele.com your account name to issue the license key.
  2. Subscribe to Mailing List. In order to join the community you would also need to subscribe to Early Adopters Community mailing list hosted at MailChimp. We will frequently use this mailing list for notifications of new builds ready for download.
  3. Spread the Word. Click on the link in the welcome e-mail and download the latest build of the application. Upload your license key and start filtering. Write a blog, make YouTube video or post a message at your favorite forum telling about our solution.

Thanks to all of you for making this possible!