Free Community Edition

Web Safety for Squid proxy comes in two editions - a community edition that is free of charge and commercial edition that requires paid subscription. The following table shows differences between community and commercial editions of Web Safety.

Module or Feature Description Community Edition Commercial Edition
Admin UI Fully Enabled Fully Enabled
Squid Proxy Management Fully Enabled Fully Enabled
Anti-Virus using eCAP ClamAV Fully Enabled Fully Enabled
Google Safe Browsing Protection Fully Enabled Fully Enabled
Traffic Monitor and Reporting Extended Extended
Web Filtering Not Available Fully Enabled
Type of license key Free (with Registration) Paid Only
Support None By E-mail

In order to get the community edition you would need to register as a member of Early Adopters Community at Upon registration and periodically later community license key will be sent to your e-mail free of charge. Community license keys are regularly updated so it is required to stay registered to be able to periodically get new license keys.

Please do thoroughly read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Web Safety usage at before joining the Early Adopters Community.