How to Allow Specific Channels and Videos on YouTube

Web Safety is capable of extended filtering on YouTube. Administrator is able to allow watching videos based on video categories, channels and specific video IDs. Two filtering modes are supported - block all videos by default while allowing some channels, categories or videos or allow all videos by default and explicitly block some categories, channels or specific videos. It is also possible to completely disable the module.

In order to enable this module you need to register at Google Cloud Platform and get the YouTube API v3 key. See for more information. After obtaining the API key type it into the UI / Anti Virus / YouTube / Settings field as indicated on the following screenshot.


If access to a blocked video is detected, Web Safety will redirect the proxy user to a new URL. Typically this is some web server deployed in the local LAN that is able to show a page explaining why URL was blocked. It can also be a default something-gone-wrong URL on YouTube as visible on the above screenshot.

To limit watching of YouTube by categories, select desired category in UI / Anti Virus / YouTube / Categories as indicated on the following screenshot.


To limit watching of specific YouTube channels or videos by ID, add desired channel or video UI / Anti Virus / YouTube / Channels or Videos as indicated on the following screenshot. Click the wizard button to fill the required form fields automatically by using YouTube API.