Operating Systems

We recommend using the following operating systems in production.

We also provide installers for the following operating systems. Please note these are not supported in production environments. Use them at your own risk.

Software Requirements

The following software is required for correct functioning of Web Safety.

  • Squid 3+ to act as internet proxy server. Squid web proxy project is open sourced and is available out of the box on almost all Linux distributions as well as FreeBSD. Installation instructions for each operating system show steps required to rebuild default Squid package to support HTTPS filtering.
  • Apache web server (or any other web server capable of running WSGI web applications) to act as host for Web UI of Web Safety. Installation package of Web Safety contains preconfigured deployment configuration for Apache web server running on CentOS/RedHat 7, Debian 9 and Ubuntu 16.
  • Python programming language version 2.7+ which is usually pre-installed on all supported operating systems. Python Django 1.8.17 web framework for correct functioning of Web UI.