Final Squid Conf


The script on the previous step installs predefined squid.conf file. One important change in version 4.8+ of Web Safety compared with previous versions is that we now generate full squid configuration file . This is needed as Web Safety now provides Admin UI for proxy authentication and Active Directory integration. We also plan to eventually make all Squid settings available through Admin UI.

For your reference here is the final /etc/squid/squid.conf.

# squid.conf - fully managed by Web Safety UI

# the conf files in /opt/websafety/etc/squid/* folder are generated based on templates
# stored in /opt/websafety/var/console/squid/templates/squid/conf/* folder. For now,
# not all settings of Squid can be managed from Web UI; sometimes it is necessary
# to edit the templates manually and then click Save and Restart from Admin UI
# to actually regenerate configuration files from these templates.
# We are adding more and more Squid management into Admin UI but the work is not yet
# over. Hopefully in several releases you will seldom need to manually change the
# templates.
include "/opt/websafety/etc/squid/squid.conf"