Admin UI for Squid and Web Safety

Web Safety web filter contains fully functional web administration console (Admin UI) that lets you manage current program configuration, view reports of usage activity and program logs from a remote host using your favorite browser. Admin UI can be accessed by typing the URL http://IP Address of Proxy/ in browser.

Default Login and Password for the Admin UI

By default, Web Safety enforces security settings on its Admin UI. Default login name is root and password is Passw0rd (please note 0 here is zero digit and not a letter).

It is recommended to change these default values to something more appropriate in your network. To change the password, login to the Admin UI, click on the root icon in the top right corner and select Change Password from the drop down menu. Type new password twice and click Save and Logout.

../../_images/change_password3.png ../../_images/type_password3.png


If you are using preconfigured Virtual Appliance please also change passwords for root user. Please see this description of the Virtual Appliance - Virtual Appliance.

Advanced Settings

Installation package also contains full Django administration module for underlying database of Web Safety. This might come in handy if something cannot be managed through usual Admin UI. In order to access administrator’s interface type http://<your proxy address>/admin/ in your browser.

It is advisable to disable the administrator’s access to the Admin UI. To do that, comment out the setting url(r’^admin/’, include(, in /opt/websafety/var/console/console/ file and restart your proxy box.