Apple Safari on iPhone IOS 9

If you enable HTTPS filtering without correctly installed Trusted Root CA certificate on iPhone’s Safari you will get the following error when navigating to any HTTPS site.


In fix this error we need to install Trusted Root CA certificate into IOS. To do this, navigate to Web UI of Diladele Web Safety and download the certificate.


You will be presented with the following screen asking you to confirm installation of a new profile. Click install and then provide you access code to confirm changing the system settings.

../../../_images/0423.png ../../../_images/0433.png

Review information about the certificate being installed and again click Install .

../../../_images/0443.png ../../../_images/0453.png

After installation the Trusted Root CA Certificate / Profile will be shown in green.


The connections to HTTPS sites are now not triggering any warnings.


If you ever need to remove the trusted certificate open Settings / Profiles and remove the required profile.

../../../_images/0373.png ../../../_images/0393.png